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  Here's how it works: For every $5.00 per transaction you spend, you'll earn 1 rewards point*. Rewards points are redeemable for Gift Cards which may be used for future purchases. To make accumulating points even easier, you can shop 3 ways! At the SUNY Orange Bookstore in Middletown, at our Newburgh store and online at We'll even give you 10 bonus points just for signing up!
  150 points = $25 Gift Card
280 points = $50 Gift Card
500 points = $100 Gift Card

  Note: * Not all categories are eligible for reward points. Please see store personnel or contact us for more details.  
  1. Go to and on the left side of the home page click "Log In"
  2. New users can click "Register Here" to create a profile for "Browsing and Shopping". Complete all the required fields. Existing Users can log in and scroll to the bottom of their profile to choose the "SUNY Orange Bookstore Loyalty Rewards Program". Say "YES" and enter your student number as your loyalty number, using only the numbers. Non-students may use their phone number as their loyalty number.

Its that simple! Just be sure to give us your loyalty number with every purchase you make and you'll start accumulating points that can be redeemed for SUNY Orange Bookstore Gift Cards!