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Newburgh Campus Bookstore

Kaplan Hall

 At the start of each semester the Bookstore arranges for textbooks to be delivered to the Newburgh Campus. This makes textbooks available to students at the start of the semester for  classes at that location. Different sections of the same  class may use different textbooks so it is always important that you have your course schedule with you and that you specify to  our staff where your class is held when  requesting help finding your books. 


It is best to purchase textbooks needed for courses at the Newburgh Campus at our Newburgh Campus Bookstore as all  books needed for those classes are delivered there prior to the start of each semester. Those individuals who prefer to buy Newburgh Campus titles at the Middletown Campus would want to discuss availability of specific titles with our staff. As always, please be sure to have your course schedule available and tell our staff at which location you are taking each class so you are guided to the correct books.

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