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The SUNY Orange Bookstore has a multi-pronged sustainability initiative regarding the use of plastic bags.
    • We are currently using a bag that is made of 100% post industrial recycled film, produced in the USA
       that is printed with water based inks.

    • We provide a plastic bag recycling carton in the front of the Bookstore so students can drop off plastic
       bags they no longer need. These bags are than sent to the proper recycling centers.

    • We encourage students to "skip the bag" when making a purchase at the Bookstore. Many
      environmentally minded students alreadt have a backpack or bag they're using to transport and
      organize their materials and they're happy to go without a plastic bag from the Bookstore.

    • The Bookstore stocks reusable "cloth" bags that can be purchased for $1.99 as an alternative to
       plastic bags.

These practices combine to proactively keep the environmental impact to a minimum.

The SUNY Orange Bookstore participates in a "Green" regalia program. Student caps and gowns are made with Repreve®; a fabric made from recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles. Repreve is certified by U Trust™ verification Program as being 100% recycled. Each gown made with Repreve uses about 29 post-consumer plastic bottles, collectively saving over 7 million post-consumer plastic bottles this year.